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Bitlumens enable unique IoT functionality, delivering data using modular end to end encrypted communication protocols.


Power plants and utilities can monitor the health of their systems and prevent failures.

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Intelligence gained from IoT data helps reduce the costs associated with theft and energy planning while optimizing the power plant’s operations.

Financial Inclusion for Rural Communities

KYC, Payments and Financial Track Record

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Bitlumens sensors provide the data granularity needed for the measurement of carbon emissions and credit risk


Connecting modular communication protocols globally to access Bitlumens monitoring capabilities for photovoltaics, wind and hydroelectric applications


We combine survey data with sensor data to feed our algorithms, getting valuable insights on carbon mitigation and credit risk


End-to-end traceability of data and the digital representation of an assets means clean, structured data and greater transparency

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Veronica Garcia
CEO - Founder

Veronica Garcia was an investment consultant at Credit Suisse and UBS for Latin American Asset Managers. After finishing her graduate studies at the ETH in Zurich she joined IBM Research Lab. She also worked as a consultant for the World Bank, IADB and Castalia. Her research focused on renewable technologies and on quantifying investment needs to reach the country targets for renewable power generation. In 2017 she founded BitLumens which brings solar power and water to rural areas in developing countries using Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain technology.

Frontend Developer

Pranab is a website developer who used to work in Boston. He specializes in the website front end and user interface.

Engineer, Advisor

Carlos holds a Master's Degree in Embedded Systems Design from the University of Lugano, Switzerland, and a Ph.D. in Advanced Automation and Robotics from Barcelona Tech, Spain. He has been a visiting researcher at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, a researcher at the Institute for Sustainability Applied to the Built Environment, Cannobio, Switzerland, and a senior postdoctoral researcher at the Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics, located in Trieste Italy. He was the founder and first president of the Costa Rican Solar Energy Association (Acesolar).

Daniel Heller

Daniel Heller has been associated with the Peterson Institute for International Economics since January 2017 as a visiting fellow. Before joining the Institute, he was head of financial stability at the Swiss National Bank, head of the Secretariat of the Committee on Payment and Settlement Systems at the Bank for International Settlements, and executive director for Switzerland, Poland, Serbia, Azerbaijan, and four Central Asian republics at the International Monetary Fund. He received his PhD from the University of Bern and was a research fellow at Stanford University. His current research focuses on the impact of emerging digital technologies such as blockchain on the financial sector, financial stability, and central banking.

Business Developer

Ana Castellanos, has her own family business. Ana has also worked with Guatemalan communities for more than 20 years. She is a true entrepreneur and visionary who had educated children to respect the planet, take care of it and share those values with others. Ana helps BitLumens with Buiness development and introduces the technology into new communities.

Karl Njálsson
AI&IoT Advisor

Karl is a product focused leader with a strong track-record in building strategy and innovative solutions based on data, AI & IoT. At Alpiq, he transformed a collection of software pilots and a hardware portfolio into an AI-powered, platform-based recurring SaaS offering. Prior to his role at Alpiq, Karl founded a company that worked with major utilities to electrify villages in India, where working with local stakeholders, he also developed a smart metering product for regional markets. Karl has an M.Sc. Energy Science from ETH Zurich, a B.Sc. Environmental & Civil Engineering from University of Iceland.

Graphic Designer

The creative mind behind Bitlumens, he is our graphic designer makes sure we don't lose our branding aesthetics and guidelines.

Engineer, Advisor

As a solar engineering consultant with a focus on emerging economies, Megan has a passion for bringing equity and diversity into the renewable energy sector. She holds a Masters in Civil Engineering from Stanford University and has worked for various Bay Area solar companies, including overseeing a national solar quality assurance program with Sunrun. She has also actively participated in the funding, design, and installation of solar and micro hydropower projects in Thailand, Burma, and Ethiopia. In 2016, Megan started Solar Stewards, LLC, serving as a technical advisor to commercial- and utility-scale projects in the US and the Caribbean.

Carbon Credit Specialist, Advisor

Thomas is an experienced quantitative modeler and designs and carries out complex research on the relationship of asset values and regulation. Thomas has worked with a broad portfolio of public and private clients, including multinational energy companies, multi-lateral organisations such as the OECD and World Bank, governments across the world, and the European Commission.

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